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1. Headwind (5:13)

This song is about not coping. It's about seeing no way out. It's about rough times, overwhelming pressures, and needing to face it alone. It's both racing and still. There's no happy ending in the song, but then it's just a song - a picture of a time. Things get better.

Artwork by Daniel Mayfield-Smith.


Pollen (Killawarra)


1. Pollen (Killawarra) (4:00)

Pollen is a bit like a painting of a landscape. It's a memory of a moment of a place. For me it depicts a place (Killawarra) where my grandfather produced honey in his later years, with Killawarra Honey on the label. His bees made their honey in hives on his property, not more than a kilometre from one another. And his honey was authentic - imperfections intact. He declined offers to supply large multinational corporations, instead seeing value in presenting the unique, precious, and distinct flavours the local flora imbued. His principles are things I aspire to maintain in my music.

The original version honours the location by including samples from the Estey pump organ I used to play in his honey house when I was a teenager. I wrote plenty of music on the thing, in a large stone room that reeked of beeswax, sometimes with the mechanical whirring of the centrifuge as a sonic backdrop. Eventually gifted to me, the organ met a watery grave, being swallowed by Brisbane's 2011 floods.

This new mix of Pollen, named after the place Killawarra, strips away all the studio trickery. There is nothing here but grand piano and violin. Authentic, simple - imperfections intact.

Artwork by Mark du Potiers.




1. Wait for Zero (8:42)
2. Prisoner (4:44)
3. Fiction is Forever (9:20)
4. Vanishing Point (3:00)

Sum is the final piece in a triptych of releases, completing a 12 piece cycle that includes Measurement (2012), and Plural (2015). Although equally abrupt and jarring in parts, Sum, by comparison to the previous 8 works concerns itself more with the space around the sound.

Joined again by Greg Olley on violin, and featuring the drumming of Hik Sugimoto and Matt Wilder, Sum is also built with grand piano, bowed acoustic guitars, synthesizers, and treated field recordings from locations near and far.

Artwork by Christopher Ahern.


A Thin Black Line (Music From the VR Experience)


1. Darwin (5:08)
2. Keep Playing (2:35)
3. Leaving Frog Hollow (3:14)
4. Dockside (1:04)
5. The Air Raid (4:25)
6. A Thin Black Line (5:18)
7. East (Weight of Distance) (10:53)

A Thin Black Line is the soundtrack album for the VR experience of the same name. The score accompanies the true story of a young girl and her family fleeing Darwin before the 1942 bombing.

The soundtrack album presents compositions from the film, as performed at the premiere of the Adelaide Biennial of Art in early 2018.

The film/experience A Thin Black Line was directed by Dougles Watkin, with art by Vernon Ah Kee, and produced by VRTOV for SBS Australia. It is available on the Oculus Store.

Original art by Paco Casares.




1. Bias I (3:48)
2. Bias II (2:31)
3. Bias III (3:58)

Bias is made of piano and processing. Performed elements were recorded without any 'traditional' playing of the instrument. Instead, the piano was stripped of non-structural outer panels and struck, plucked, and otherwise activated with a range of archaic implements.

Bias was released on Piano Day 2017.

Artwork by Mark du Potiers.




1. Holograms (X) (8:16)
2. Fault Lines (6:09)
3. Pollen (5:06)
4. Holograms (Y) (9:53)

Flying birds are processed to become the haunting introduction to Fault Lines (which gives way to full post-rock epic). Waves recorded just north of Byron Bay become the rattling, noise-laden foundation of Holograms (Y). Grand piano and violin are nestled amongst unrecognisable sonic mush harvested from Notre Dame on the heart-wrenchingly gorgeous Pollen.

Richard Allen from A Closer Listen described Plural as an album of flow, and noted "...as it bleeds into the contemplative Pollen, the mind turns from discernment to surrender: a note can be worth a thousand words."

Artwork by Christopher Ahern.




1. Decibel (8:14)
2. Deep North (5:20)
3. From Anchor To Hound (8:23)
4. Lumen (5:24)

This debut EP of 4 songs is at times a challenging listen, but I think it's always beautiful and considered. Ride out the tough times, the rewards are there. Crushed leaves are stretched to become the entire ambient wash on piano-based Lumen. The knock of a finger against a microphone is transformed into the cacophonous middle passage in Decibel. Electric piano and slide guitar sit amongst a cinematic soundscape made from unrecognisable household objects on Deep North.

Chris Cobcroft from 4ZZZ FM wrote of Measurement "A work of depth ... - there's plenty to go back and dig through. At its best, those depths are found in the atmosphere of ambient, the rippling, raw power of post-rock and make these tried and tested sounds seem like they're worth coming back to again."

Artwork by Christopher Ahern.