I work with music as a vehicle for communication and expression across multiple media and creative disciplines. I work mainly from my studio in Brisbane where I write music for film, documentary, TV, virtual reality, experimental video, performance, and purely for listening.

Raised on soggy Weet-Bix and upright piano, I decided fairly young that music was what I wanted to do. I had a piano teacher who let me cry over learning Christmas carols, but did help me win my first eisteddfod.

Later I had lessons with an eccentric Dutch multi-instrumentalist. He encouraged me to write better music by ripping my ideas to shreds in order to expose the good stuff. I think I've held onto those skills because I discard more than I keep.

I played in bands for a while. Sometimes it's been my own music with the likes of Manzuma or Ionesco, and other times I've played live with people like Scott Spark, Ektoise, Rise Overrun and Dane Adamo.

In between playing and producing my own or others' music, I've scored several short films. The most notable was one called True Love. It starred Jamie Dunn (yep, Agro) and won a bunch of awards at the Queensland New Film Makers Awards. I've done work with SBS/NITV, and scored a VR experience that premiered at the 2018 Adelaide Bienniel of Art. As if that wasn't enough of a highlight, I had the opportunity to perform the score in its entirety at the opening of the exhibition. In mid-2020 I scored a feature film titled "1". I'll let you know when it's released.

I'm currently showing off my fifth solo work. It's an EP called Sum that has 4 pieces on it. I hope you like it. I'm looking forward to releasing an album of new material soon, exhibiting new audio/video works, and composing for a short film as part of William Yang's Seeing and Being Seen exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery in 2021.

When not immersed in music I fulfil servant duties to my cat.

Bachelor of Music Technology
Queensland Conservatorium
Griffith University

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  • "REVIRGINATE" (exhibition, video & sculptural works) at Webb Gallery, Brisbane
  • "In Search of Home" (theatre score) - William Yang at Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane


  • "No 4AM Phone Call From Tokyo" (audiovisual installation) at Wide Open - KEPK Space, Brisbane
  • "Platypus Corridor - Slow Motion Electrolocation" (remix) - Andrew Tuttle
  • "Headwind" (solo EP) - independent release
  • "My Body is Ready" (EP) - as producer & co-writer - D. Ho, Hong Kong


  • "Pollen (Killawarra)" (solo EP) - independent release
  • "Sum" (solo EP) - independent release
  • "Rising Water" (sound installation) at 'You Can Lead a Horse to Water...' - QCA Griffith University
  • "Silencer" (film score) - Cosmonaut Creative Media
  • "Gay Sydney: A Memoir" (theatre score) - William Yang at RMIT Melbourne, Victoria
  • "Made Today: Sound Composition for Film & Game" (panelist) - State Library of Queensland


  • "The Howling" (performance) at Dead Air Festival - Triple Zed FM, East Brisbane, Queensland
  • "Co-Lab Create VR Symposium" (panelist) - Byron Bay Film Festival, Byron Bay, New South Wales
  • "Recuse for Mono" (interactive sound installation) at 'Don't Drink the Milk' - QCA Griffith University
  • "A Thin Black Line" (performance) at Adelaide Biennial of Art - Art Gallery of SA, South Australia


  • "Bias I/II/III" (solo EP) - Independent release
  • "A Thin Black Line" (virtual reality film score) - VRTOV and SBS/NITV


  • "Fiona Wirrer-George" (TV documentary score) - Double Wire and SBS/NITV


  • "Plural" (audiovisual performance) - the Globe Theatre, Brisbane, Queensland
  • "Plural" (solo EP) - Unperceived Records, Berlin, Germany
  • "Eclosion" (Performance) - West End, Queensland
  • "Fear of Freedom" (EP) - as producer - Josh Denaro, Brisbane, Queensland


  • "Measurement" (solo EP) - independent release
  • "Continue to Drive: Music from a BMW" (TV commercial) - BMW, Australia


  • "Bouncer" (film score) - Soap & Water Productions
  • "Black Betty" (film score) - QPIX/Creative Carps


  • "True Love" (film score) - QPIX/Ignition Films